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Something about us

Nastro is a textile company based in middle Italy, founded by a group of highly skilled textile technicians whose expertise dates back 30 years.
Over the years we’ve built a strong reputation for providing a customer-friendly experience throughout the product-cycle process.
Our team is moved by enthusiasm and passion, driven by insane attention to details and accurate craftsmanship.
That very passion quickly led us to proudly collaborate with the world’s most known high-street fashion brands by developing and supplying fashionable webbings suitable for luggage, satchels, backpacks, belts, clothing and more generally whatever use you can possibly think of.
Nastro's strengths have earned it a customer base that not only loves the company's products but also truly enjoys working with us from design through delivery.
Our seamless ability to design, prototype, and manufacture a broad variety of webbings entirely in-house provides a unique benefit to customers.
Each and every item is made by us at our premises in Italy so they can be easily and fully customized to the tiniest details making it your very own webbing.
We believe that a world you can’t predict demands a partner you can trust, that’s the reason why so many companies trust us with their sourcing needs relying on our efficiency, skilfulness and creativity combined to outstanding quality.

Nastro srl

Via Comi 4, 64013 Corropoli (TE) Italy
VAT 01734100678 CCIA Teramo REA 148279
Phone +39 (0)861 839227 Fax +39 (0)861 838485