Our story

Nastro is a textile company based in middle Italy, founded by a group of highly skilled textile technicians whose expertise dates back 30 years.
Over the years we’ve built a strong reputation for providing a customer-friendly experience throughout the product-cycle process.
Our team is moved by enthusiasm and passion, driven by insane attention to details and accurate craftsmanship.
That very passion quickly led us to proudly collaborate with the world’s most famous high-street fashion brands by developing and supplying fashionable webbings suitable for luggage, satchels, backpacks, belts, clothing and more generally whatever use you can possibly think of.


Our products

Nastro srl constantly renews its commitment to researching new materials,
especially certified eco-sustainable ones, and cutting-edge weaving techniques
capable of increasingly satisfy the demands of a constantly evolving market.
The key to our success is the customization of the webbings in width,
colourways and designs, and the direct line with our customers to get to the making
of a finished product that reflects all the cutomer’s requirements,
committing ourselves to maintaining the highest ethical and ecological standards
at the same time in every aspect of our production process,
to ensure a positive impact on the planet and on the community.

Collaborative paths

Nastro's strengths have earned it a customer base that not only loves the company's products but also truly enjoys working with us from design through delivery.
Our seamless ability to design, prototype, and manufacture a broad variety of webbings
entirely in-house provides a unique benefit to customers.
Each and every item is made by us at our premises in Italy so they can be easily customized
to the tiniest detail making it your very own webbing. 



Quality and Efficiency
Our mission is to provide superior quality webbings that can satisfy the needs and expectations of all our customers in an original and effective way

Fine details 
There is no quality without first choice materials, which allow us to create webbings
that are both tear-resistant and soft, classic and innovative,
with an eye for new eco-sustainable raw materials such as GRS certified
recycled polyester and nylon (Global Recycled Standard),
all coordinated by a constant and tireless effort in conceiving new designs
and cutting-edge techniques.

Customer focus
With Nastro srl you will always have the certainty of being able to follow the creation
of your webbing step by step, starting from early graphic development
up to the making of the finished product on the loom.
Our strength lies in the firm belief that great goals can be achieved
by combining our skills with your ideas and trying to bring your projects to life
by embracing their spirit and adapting it to technical needs.
All the while supporting you in every single step.

Nastro srl fully embraces the philosophy according to which
every company bases its strength on its workforce.
All of our employees are personally dedicated to the success of each project,
they are involved in research and development processes
and stay at the forefront in the creation of the finished product,
starting from the graphic detailing up to the packaging.

Nastro srl is all this and much more, our passion is reflected in the dedication we employ
in building with our customers not only fruitful commercial partnerships
but also real channels of communication between their needs and our potential.

Nastro srl

Via Comi 4, 64013 Corropoli (TE) Italy

Tel. +39 (0)861 839227
VAT 01734100678 CCIA Teramo REA 148279
Mail: info@nastro.eu


Via Tortona 74, Milano

Tel. (+39) 338 8309638
Mail: showroom@nastro.eu